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Are You Ready to Finally Become Your Healthiest, Happiest Self?

It's time for you to OPTIMIZE!


Stop wishing and TAKE ACTION with our online whole-health nutrition program.

Count me in!

Stop Making Food So Damn Hard

Food should be fun and easy – take the stress out of food and get back to enjoying it without headaches or hassle.

Maximize Your Energy

Stop dragging through your day and living coffee cup to coffee cup. Keep up with your kids, wake up refreshed, and get time back in your day for the things you love.

Feel Your Absolute Best

Learn just how GREAT your body is designed to feel. Reduce inflammation, blast excess body fat, decrease your toxin load, and more – all without restrictive diets.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re dragging all the time?

Do you want to feel strong & confident in your own skin?

Are you stressed just thinking about how to squeeze in time to menu plan and meal prep?

Are you frustrated because you’re eating right and working out but you’re not seeing the results you want?

Are you sick of battling cravings or feeling like you constantly want to eat?

Are you confused about what’s “healthy” and what’s not?

Do you have nagging symptoms that won’t go away, like stomach problems, sore joints, itching skin, acne, headaches, or brain fog?

Have you started and stopped a million diet plans because they weren’t sustainable or realistic?

Yeah, I know what you mean.


We all WANT to feel amazing, but…

Prioritizing your health sounds so wonderful and idealistic, but actually making it happen when you have a million other responsibilities is just hard.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be so impossible. With our dietitian-led OPTIMIZE virtual health + nutrition program we give you the exact roadmap you’re looking for. Our exclusvie framework sets you up for success with a realistic and achievable plan for not just your diet, but your health as a whole. No starving yourself. No spending hours in the kitchen every day. No deprivation or crazy diet rules.

In fact, most of clients end up eating MORE then they were before, while spending LESS time working out. They build muscle, blast fat, and ramp up their energy levels. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy or magic – you can’t just clap your hands and expect a six pack.

But you CAN expect results. 

YOU deserve this.

OPTIMIZE your health:

  • Teach your body to burn fat efficiently
  • Rev up your metabolism
  • Regulate your homones
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve your digestion
  • Maximize your energy levels
  • Improve your strength & stamina
  • Decrease inflammation and nagging, chronic symptoms
  • Eliminate brain fog, headaches, and fatigue
  • Boost your immune system
  • And so.much.more.

Clear Cut Nutrition

Cutting edge nutrition strategies from your personal Registered Dietitian – this isn’t your mama’s 1980’s low fat diet gimmick.

Whole-Health Strategies

Focus on your health as a whole, from stress to sleep to toxins, inflammation, and more.


Optimal Wellness

Put your health back into your own hands with this realistic, straight-forward plan.

The OPTIMIZE Difference

Whether you’re trying to ramp up your energy levels, shed a few pounds, or crush those nagging symptoms, the OPTIMIZE program is designed to help you smash your goals and get you feeling your absolute best.

Together we’ll train your body to effectively burn fat and build muscle, utilize nutrients the way it’s supposed to, and optimize each and every one of your body’s systems to operate at it’s prime.

We’ll cover the science (in an easily digestible way) so you can understand the WHY behind the strategies and use them for the rest of your life – not just a few weeks. We’ll also cover the HOW in a realistic, real-life, I-don’t-have-10-hours-to-spend-in-the-kitchen kind of way.

We don’t only look at what goes on your plate: we breakdown the big picture and take action on every aspect of your health: from food to sleep to stress and beyond.

It’s time to finally get you feeling the way you were designed to feel: Amazing. Energized. Happy. Health

What People Are Saying

Here’s what some of our past clients have had to say:

“I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about making a change. I’ve tried a million different programs and could never get them to stick. This is the first one I can truly make a lifestyle. I’m never deprived – in fact, I eat more than ever – and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life, even before kids.” Becca M.

“I had every excuse in the world for why I wasn’t taking care of myself. I work full-time, I have 4 kids (including 8 month old twins, and I co-own a business with my husband. I’m always putting everyone’s needs first but I finally hit my breaking point. I was stressed out, exhausted, and hungry all the time. I was cranky and bitter and I’d just had enough.

If I’d known I could feel this fabulous with such a short amount of time each day I would’ve signed up months ago. I feel like an entirely new woman.”

Kady S.

“I thought I was doing everything right before starting the OPTIMIZE program, but despite all my hardwork and long miles, I wasn’t seeing any results. Less than 2 weeks into the program I’m astounded by the changes I see. I wouldn’t have described myself as tired or sick before, but I had no idea what I could really feel like. I wake up refreshed. My headaches are gone. I have so much energy and taking care of daily life doesn’t feel like such a hassle anymore.” Sarah H.